5 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Range Hood

November 16, 2023 5 min read

Range hoods play a meaningful role in the kitchen by removing cooking pollutants from the air. Despite their general durability, range hoods can eventually wear out and become less efficient over time. And as their performance decreases, the quality of the air in your home can be adversely affected.  

ModernCopper would like to present you with a guide that highlights five clear signs that it's time to replace your range hood. Recognizing these signs helps ensure you have proper ventilation in your kitchen

Sign 1: Grease Buildup

A key indicator that your range hood might need replacing is a noticeable drop in ventilation efficiency. If you observe a significant reduction in airflow, check to see if there is a grease buildup. A buildup of grease on the range hood is a clear sign the unit may not be performing at its best. 

Decreased ventilation performance can result from various factors, including the build-up of grease and debris in the hood's filters and ducts. These obstructions can severely limit airflow and reduce the system's ability to effectively remove unwanted air particles.

Before giving up on your range hood completely, try cleaning the filters. If cleaning the unit does not noticeably improve the range hood's ventilation efficiency, it could be time to consider a replacement.

a well maintained and shining stainless steel hood

Sign 2: Excessive Noise and Vibration

Look out for changes in the way your range hood sounds. Unusual noises and vibrations coming from your range hood signal it may be time for a replacement. Be alert to any loud, continuous noises including humming, buzzing, rattling, or squeaking. The stranger the sounds, the greater the likelihood that something is wrong.

Accompanying unusual sounds, you might also notice excessive vibrations that can be felt on the hood itself. If the vibration is big enough, you may even feel it on nearby surfaces like cabinets or countertops. Strange noises and vibrations typically indicate problems with the range hood's components or mechanisms, suggesting the need for a replacement.

Sign 3: Lingering Odors

A significant indicator that your range hood may need replacing is the presence of cooking odors during operation. If strong cooking smells remain in the air, it's clear the unit isn't performing efficiently. Lingering odors can make your kitchen can be annoying, and if they spread to other areas of the home, it can be even worse.  

Regular maintenance is important. One of the things affecting a range hood’s ability to remove unwanted smells is grease accumulation. An accumulation of grease signals that the ventilation system is not able to expel air effectively.

Sign 4: Damaged Range Hood Components

Damaged range hood components can affect performance. The deterioration of working parts is not just a major inconvenience in this case, but it can represent an operational hazard. A compromised fan that struggles to remove smoke and airborne particles can actually affect health and safety. You will want to look out for signs of physical damage. Here are a few key signs to be aware of:

  • Large Physical Damage: Noticeable cracks or dents on the hood's structure are clear indicators that a replacement is necessary.
  • Wear and Tear on Controls: If the control buttons or switches show significant signs of wear, such as tears, it's time to consider a new unit.
  • Fan Damage: Visible damage to one or more fans, or to the structure housing them, suggests the need for a replacement.
  • Filter Compartment Damage: Any visible damage to the filter compartment or its housing indicates that the hood should be replaced.
  • Ductwork Connection Damage: Visible damage at the ductwork connection point necessitates a new range hood.
matte black range hood from ModernCopper

Sign 5: Outdated Design and Inefficiency

Range hood manufacturers are evolving, and today’s range hood is markedly better than one built long ago. A range hood that's been part of your kitchen for over a decade might not match up to the efficiency and effectiveness of newer models. Take a moment to assess the functionality of your current range hood, and also ask whether it appears up to date.

Does your range hood enhance your kitchen's aesthetics, or does it look like a relic of the past?

Modern range hoods not only boast improved ventilation capabilities but also feature great designs that can elevate the look of your kitchen.

Opting for a newer range hood model can significantly boost indoor air quality and provide a more silent operation, contributing to a more pleasant kitchen environment. Additionally, a modern, efficient range hood can improve your overall cooking experience. As an added bonus, a custom range hood can also improve the value of your home.

blue custom range hood

Repair or Replace?

Not all range hoods need to be replaced. If your range hood was designed with a separate liner, it may be possible to swap out the part that has gone bad. In these models, the liner, which houses the fan and the filtration system, can be removed and replaced. This is not to say that all modular units can be repaired in this way. Some units that were installed with a liner that is separate from the range hood shell are difficult to separate, meaning that you may need to replace the entire unit regardless.

Before throwing away your old range hood, first look to see if the unit is integrated. Is the range hood shell inseparable from the liner, or were the two built separately? If they were assembled as different sections, ask an HVAC specialist if they can be separated. Explain that you would like to consider replacing the liner, and in that case, what needs to be done in order to make it happen.

Upgrading to a new, fully functional range hood can significantly enhance safety and venting efficiency, ensuring your kitchen remains a clean, pleasant environment free from pollutants and odors. Of course, there are other reasons to consider replacing your range hood with a newer custom model.

Here are some additional considerations:

  • Design innovations: You may see something in the marketplace that looks markedly different, or better, and regardless of condition, you may want to update your kitchen with a custom range hood.
  • Reduced hassle: When a range hood starts to “act up,” it can only mean more trouble in the future. Upgrading to a newer model is a guarantee of fewer hassles down the road.
  • Added features: You may want a model that has features that your current model does not have, such as the ability to turn the fan on with a remote control.
  • Energy Efficiency: Some who are energy-conscious will want a fan that draws as little power as possible. Newer models are generally more energy-efficient than older models.

Keeping your range hood in top condition is vital for a clean, healthy kitchen. Recognize the need for a replacement by noting key signs: decreased airflow, loud noises, component damage, dated designs, and general wear and tear. Regular maintenance and timely updates ensure a safe, pleasant cooking environment. For those seeking new, custom-crafted options, ModernCopper offers premium range hoods designed for optimal performance. Please feel free to reach out to one of our design associates who will be glad to help answer any questions.