Refund and Return Policy


Modern Copper cares about you, and we strive to make a quality product. We anticipate that you will be 100% satisfied with your custom-made range hood, and know that we fully stand behind the craftsmanship of our work. Hand-made products are always subject to small amounts of variability, but some aspects of our production process are assured. If we promise, for example, that your custom range hood will be made with a certain grade of stainless steel, you will receive that precise grade of steel. Our products are made to specification, and we also guarantee dimensions will be within 1/16th of an inch. 

Modern Copper metals come with a Lifetime Guarantee, which is transferable to another, should you one day sell your home and leave your range hood in the care of another homeowner. Our stainless-steel products are guaranteed to never corrode, and we will refund or replace any product found to be defective in such a way. Mechanical parts come with a standard one-year warranty, though the lifetime of these moving products typically lasts decades. An extended service warranty on mechanical parts is offered upon request.

People love our products, but Modern Copper customers occasionally have a reason to return an item. We gladly take returns on our custom-made range hoods but require that the customer send the item in question back to us at their own expense, and in the original packaging. Funds will be returned minus 17.5% to cover warehousing and design.

Our products are rarely damaged in transit. If you suspect that something has gone wrong in the transportation of your range hood, please take photos of your product and packaging as soon as possible, so that we may work with our freight forwarder to resolve the issue. Please note the condition of your product as soon as it arrives. Any returns must be made in the original packaging and processed within 30 days. 

Our customers usually have a positive experience, and our return policy is offered as an added assurance. If you have further questions about our return policy, contact a sales associate. 


Modern Copper allows customers to provide basic information, typically limited to your name, address, email, and phone number. We respect your privacy and will use this information only to provide you with basic information about our products and service. We promise to never share or sell your data with outside parties, except to assist in providing you with meaningful information about our company. 

We welcome our customers to register with us to receive updates on our products and services. If you ever wish to stop receiving such information, you may ask to opt-out or unsubscribe, and we will follow through by taking you off our mailing lists. 

Modern Copper may request that a photo of your custom-made range hood be shared with others, either on our website or on social media. If you agree to let us show off your wonderfully made custom-made product, please note that this grants Modern Copper unlimited usage and that the sharing of images is offered royalty-free. Photo sharing in this case does not constitute an agreement between parties, and images are understood to be shared without any anticipation of compensation.