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Best Range Hoods for Under $500: Quality and Affordability

October 29, 2023 12 min read

Searching for a high-quality range hood at an affordable price can be a challenge. While we produce high-end custom range hoods, we recognize the value in helping those on a strict budget. Below is a list of amazing range hoods that cost under $500.

The following guide includes high-quality, cost-effective recommendations. Those who wish to upgrade their kitchen ventilation without spending a fortune will appreciate this list. Each range hood in our selection here offers its own set of features and benefits. 

Range Hoods Under $500

Let's dive in.

Best Range Hoods under $500

Finding the ideal range hood under $500 requires taking several key factors into account. One of the key features will be style. Under cabinet, wall-mounted, island, and downdraft range hoods all provide different features and benefits - one option may work better for your kitchen layout than another.

Another factor to consider is whether you need a ducted or ductless range hood. Ducted range hoods are designed to vent smoke and odors outside your home, while ductless range hoods use filters to remove smoke and odors from the air and recirculate clean air back into your kitchen. Both options have pros and cons, so weighing the effectiveness and installation requirements before deciding is important.

The size of your range hood is another critical consideration. Choosing a size proportional to the size of your stove and the amount of cooking you typically do is important. Other considerations include the noise level of the range hood, CFM (cubic feet per minute), and design and style.

By taking into account these factors, it's possible to locate the ideal range hood that matches both your needs and budget. We have created a list of budget-friendly yet visually appealing range hoods under $500 in each category so you can quickly find an option that meets these criteria.

Comparison of Top Brands

There is a wide selection of top-range hood brands available, each with its distinctive features and benefits. Below is a list of leading range hood brands and a brief overview of what sets each brand apart.

  1. Broan
    Broan is an industry-leading manufacturer of residential ventilation products. Their innovative range hoods boast superior craftsmanship, available in a range of styles and configurations.

  2. Zephyr
    Zephyr range hoods are known for their quiet operation and powerful ventilation capabilities, making them popular choices among high-end kitchen designs. Zephyr provides an extensive selection of high-end models featuring advanced features.

  3. Bosch
    Bosch is a leading manufacturer of high-end kitchen appliances, including range hoods. The brand's range hoods are known for their sleek designs, powerful ventilation, and advanced features like remote control and automatic shut-off.

  4. Cosmo
    Cosmo range hoods are affordable yet efficient and come with features like energy-saving LED lights, multiple fan speeds, and a convertible design that allows for ducted or ductless installation.

  5. IKTCH
    IKTCH is a reputable range hood maker that offers quality products at an affordable price. IKTCH range hoods are constructed of durable materials and innovative technology, featuring easily cleanable and maintainable parts that make care and maintenance simple.

  6. Samsung
    Samsung is an iconic electronics brand known for providing an array of appliances - such as range hoods.The brand's range hoods are known for their advanced features like WiFi connectivity, voice control, and powerful ventilation.

  7. Hauslane
    Hauslane is a reputable range hood manufacturer known for producing high-quality and innovative kitchen vent hoods. The company offers a wide range of range hoods that are designed to suit different kitchen sizes and cooking needs.

  8. Vent-A-Hood
    Vent-A-Hood is a reputable and innovative range hood manufacturer that offers high-quality and efficient ventilation hoods. Their focus on patented technology, customizability, and quality craftsmanship make them popular among homeowners looking for reliable and stylish range hoods for their kitchens.

Best Wall-Mounted Range Hoods Under $500

Wall-mounted range hoods are designed to be mounted directly onto the wall above the stove, providing adequate ventilation. Top wall-mounted range hoods commonly have features such as perimetric venting, adjustable fan speeds, strong exhaust power measured in CFM, built-in lighting, replaceable filters units, low noise levels measured in dB or sones, and various control options such as buttons, touchscreens, and voice control.

Here are our top three wall-mounted hoods under $500:

  1. COSMO COS-668WRC75 Wall Mount Range Hood
    The COSMO COS-668WRC75 Wall Mount Range Hood is a versatile addition to your kitchen. Measuring 30 inches in width, this ducted exhaust vent boasts a 3-speed fan that can achieve a maximum airflow of 380 CFM. For your convenience, the range hood has push-button controls that make it easy to operate. Its energy-efficient LED lighting illuminates your cooking space with high-lumen brightness for better visibility in the dark.
    What sets this ducted range hood apart is its ARC-FLOW Permanent Filters, which are dishwasher-safe and incredibly durable, providing superior airflow and effortless maintenance. This range hood is made of stainless steel and adjustable to accommodate your kitchen's unique requirements. Cleaning is easy, and the product has a 3-year limited parts warranty. Plus, it's eligible for return, refund, or replacement within 30 days of receipt.

  2. IKTCH 30" Wall Mount Range Hood 900 CFM
    The IKTCH 30-inch Wall Mount Range Hood (IKP02-30) is a kitchen wall-mounted vent hood that combines modern design with advanced features. Made of durable stainless steel, this range hood is built to last and provides a maximum airflow of 900 CFM. The ducted hood is designed with gesture sensing and a touch control switch panel, making it easy to operate and customize to your preferences.
    The range hood's novel gesture-sensing function is a standout feature, adding a new level of convenience and ease to your cooking experience. The IKTCH wall-mounted range hood features two adjustable LED lights, providing ample lighting for your cooking needs. The hood will complement any kitchen decor with its sleek and modern design. Plus, the hood comes with a remote control for even greater convenience.

  3. CIARRA Black Range Hood
    CIARRA Black is a 30-inch 450 CFM matte black range hood featuring stunning finish and many advanced features. Featuring three speed exhaust fans that are both ducted and ductless for seamless operation and quiet yet powerful operation with maximum sound levels reaching just 8.5 sones at full throttle, plus its matte sandblasted finish that resists scratches for effortless cleanup, the range hood stands out among many convertible range hoods available today.
    The CIARRA wall mount range hood has a mechanical push button for convenient control and detachable mesh filters with superior filtration that are easy to clean and install. The 30-inch vent hood has an upgraded sturdy motor that supports your ventilation needs.


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Best Under-Cabinet Range Hoods Under $500

Under cabinet range hoods are designed to fit under the cabinets above your cooktop. Most come in a standard 30-inch or 36-inch width, although other sizes are available and are often made from stainless steel or other materials. Some top features that can be found in under-cabinet range hoods include convertible ducting options, multiple fan speeds, built-in lighting, and washable or reusable filters. Some models may also have touch controls, remote control operation, and delay shut-off. These features can vary by brand and model.

Here are our top three under-cabinet hoods under $500:

  1. Broan-NuTone BCDJ136SS Under-Cabinet Range Hood
    The Broan-NuTone BCDJ136SS Glacier Range Hood is a high-quality, efficient under-cabinet range hood perfect for any modern kitchen. It is a sleek, modern 36-inch stainless steel hood that is durable and easy to clean. It comes with a Captur system that provides a maximum of 450 CFM to remove an estimated 97% of smoke and cooking odors from the air faster.
    The Broan-NuTone BCDJ136SS range hood boasts a three-speed fan control that enables you to tailor its fan speed depending on your cooking needs. This feature is particularly handy, enabling you to increase or decrease fan speed depending on whether there are high heat or strong odors being produced while decreasing or increasing it when dealing with lower heat or milder odors. Furthermore, this fan comes equipped with quiet mode so as to reduce noise levels while its dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh filter captures grease particles as airborne particles and keeps airborne particles out.

  2. Hauslane Chef Series PS38 PRO
    The Hauslane Chef Series Range Hood 30" PS38 PRO PERFORMANCE stands out from its competition due to its impressive power and versatility, making it standout from others on the market. This professional performance range hood is specifically designed to offer professional level performance in home kitchen environments, making it suitable for serious chefs as well.It can easily handle all cooking styles, from searing steaks and grilling to frying. Its superior perimeter aspiration extraction ensures that all cooking odors and smoke are quickly and efficiently removed from your kitchen.
    Cleaning up after cooking is made easy with its steam clean function that uses steam to dissolve grease, and water is then used to wash away any remaining residue, leaving your range hood looking clean and sparkling. To add to its versatility, this range hood has customizable lighting. You can choose from a range of bright LED lights to coordinate with your kitchen lighting, giving you complete control over the ambiance of your kitchen.

  3. Pacific Economy Pro Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood
    The Pacific Economy Pro Under Cabinet Ducted Range Hood is an effective and flexible range hood designed to rid your kitchen of smoke, odors, and grease particles while cooking. Featuring easy-to-clean stainless steel baffle filters with touch control panel technology and powerful 850 CFM blower fan for efficient ventilation in every type of cooking style - you have complete control of its ventilation capabilities in your kitchen thanks to this range hood's three fan speeds and two levels of LED lighting settings on its touch control panel! Additionally, this range hood comes complete with 10-year limited parts limited warranty on parts and lifetime motor coverage so it will deliver reliable performance year after year after year!

Best Island Range Hoods Under $500

Island range hoods are installed and suspended from the kitchen ceiling above an island with a built-in cooktop or stove. They pull the air upwards and out of the kitchen and include very visible decorative hoods and chimney sections. Some top features include strong blower units, soft-touch controls, multiple filter units, glass visors, strong lighting, etc.

Here are our top three island range hoods under $500:

  1. COSMO 668ICS900 36 in. Island Range Hood
    The COSMO 668ICS900 36 in. Island Range Hood is a modern, sleek kitchen appliance that keeps your kitchen clean and odor-free. It's powerful 380 CFM motor and three adjustable speeds can easily remove smells and odors from your kitchen. The range hood is ducted, which vents outside and away from your home. It also features permanent filters that are dishwasher-safe and extremely durable, making maintenance effortless and cost-effective. The soft-touch controls make it easy to operate, while the LED lights provide bright, high-lumen lighting for better visibility while cooking. The range hood also has a curved glass hood in stainless steel, giving it a modern and stylish look.

  2. AKDY Island Mount Range Hood
    The AKDY Island Mount Range Hood with an embossed copper finish for the kitchen is a professional range hood that provides a smooth user experience and high-quality components which will last for years. The modern copper design and finishing touches are completed by a highly effective ventilation system which will transform your cooktop or grill area into a clean and safe environment.
    This range hood has a powerful 198W motor that can suck any steam or smoke from cooking with 4-speed levels to choose the intensity of the air suction. The touch control panel makes it easy to operate, and the elegant vine design adds a touch of style to your kitchen. The baffle filters are dishwasher safe, so you can remove any grease or smoke stains, ensuring perfect airflow and efficient ventilation of the entire kitchen. The quiet 2.6A motor keeps the noise level under 60db, and the LED lamps provide the light you need for cooking.

  3. Comfee Curved Glass Island Range Hood
    The Comfee Curved Glass Range Hood is a high-end kitchen appliance designed to remove cooking fumes and odors from your kitchen effectively. It is a 36-inch vent hood with a 3-speed exhaust fan that provides up to 450 CFM air suction for cooking fumes while keeping the noise low. It has a gesture-sensing function allows you to wave your hand to adjust the airflow, while the sleek touch panel eases your operation with just one click at your fingertips.
    The range hood offers dual installation mode - it can be installed in exhaustion mode or recirculation mode. The stainless steel bodies and ideal sizes fit your cabinet perfectly and save space. The chimney is also adjustable to fit your kitchen’s needs. The range hood also comes with a reusable baffle filter made of high-quality, durable stainless steel that effectively removes grease and cooking odors. It also has 2 LED lights to provide illumination while you cook.

Best Insert Range Hoods Under $500

Insert range hoods are a versatile solution for those seeking a seamless and integrated addition to their kitchen. These hoods are specifically engineered to fit inside a custom hood and cabinet, providing adequate ventilation for your cooking space. With their unique design and ability to seamlessly merge with your kitchen, insert range hoods are an excellent choice for individuals looking to enhance their cooking space's functionality and aesthetic.

Here are our top three insert range hoods under $500:

  1. IKTCH 30-inch Insert Range Hood
    IKTCH 36-Insert Range Hood is an elegant kitchen appliance designed to remove smoke and cooking odors efficiently from your kitchen environment. Crafted from high-grade stainless steel for lasting performance, its sleek appearance will complement any decor. Equipped with both remote control and gesture sensing capabilities allowing users to operate it without touching buttons, this range hood allows users to fully control its functionality from anywhere within their kitchen space.
    It has a maximum 900 CFM large airflow with good balance fans that can efficiently remove large amounts of smoke and cooking odors from the air in your kitchen. The range hood also has 2pcs 3W LED lights that provide adjustable brightness to meet your cooking needs. You can customize the suction and noise level by choosing from the 4-speed setting. The noise level is 40 decibels on the lowest setting and only 65dB max noise level.

  2. Broan-NuTone PM300SS Custom Power Pack Range Hood Insert
    The Broan-NuTone PM300SS is a custom power pack range hood insert designed to provide a complete solution to kitchen ventilation needs. It is made of stainless steel with a maximum blower CFM of 300. The stainless liner extension accommodates up to 13” deep cabinets, and available extensions can accommodate cabinets up to 15” deep.
    The insert operates at a three-sone level of sound, which is about as loud as a typical conversation. It is controlled with a 2-speed rocker switch or an ADA-compliant wall remote. The insert also features integrated LED lighting, equipped with bright, 1-level LED modules to evenly illuminate your cooking area, and a one-piece dishwasher-safe mesh grease filter with quick-release latches. The insert is designed to fit 7" round vertical ductwork for simple installation, and it can also be installed non-ducted with an indoor exhaust recirculation kit.

  3. KOBE Range Hoods INX2930SQBF
    The KOBE Range Hoods INX2930SQBF is a high-quality, durable range hood that seamlessly fits with custom cabinetry without a liner. It is made of commercial-grade stainless steel, ensuring its durability and longevity. It is equipped with a powerful 550 CFM internal blower, effectively removing smoke, steam, and odors from your kitchen. The range hood also features a 3-speed mechanical push-button control panel that lets you easily adjust the fan speed to your desired level.
    The KOBE insert hood comes with a QuietMode setting and operates at a low noise level, making it ideal for meal preparation or entertaining guests. It also includes bright 3W (X2) LED lights that provide ample illumination for your cooktop. These energy-efficient lights help to enhance visibility while cooking and add a modern touch to your kitchen.

Factors Affecting Range Hood Price

Several factors can affect the price of a range hood which explains the varying price differences even as they have similar features. These include:

  1. Material Quality
    The quality of materials used in the construction of a range hood can significantly impact its price. Higher-quality materials may come with a higher price tag as they are generally more durable and provide better performance and longevity in the long run. The thickness of the metal can also affect the price of a range hood. Thicker metals are generally more expensive than thinner ones, as they are more durable and less likely to dent or warp over time.

  2. Brand Reputation
    Reputation can play a key role in selecting a range hood. Well-known and respected brands often charge higher premiums due to being seen as offering higher quality and reliability products, plus superior customer support which provides peace of mind and cost savings over the long term.

  3. Size and Ventilation Power
    Size and ventilation power of a range hood are two crucial elements that determine its price. As more materials and labor are necessary to create and install it, larger range hoods often cost more than those with less powerful ventilation power due to needing stronger motors or advanced technologies in order to run effectively.

  4. Features and Options
    Features and options are another factor that affect the price of a range hood, as the more features it contains the higher its cost will be. Higher-end range hoods may feature touch controls, remote controls, multiple fan speeds and automatic shut-off timers to make cooking simpler and more convenient; some even boast built-in heat sensors which detect when your cooking surface becomes too hot to adjust fan speed accordingly! Some brands may provide even more features at a reduced price point - be sure to do your research and compare different models and brands so find what suits best suits both your needs and budget!

Affordable Range Hoods 

We hope the above resource can be helpful to those on a strict budget. For others, welcome to view our collection of high-end custom range hoods.