Everything You Should Know About Convertible Range Hoods

March 13, 2023 5 min read

If you're a homeowner who enjoys cooking, you will worry about how to clear the air in your kitchen. Ducted and ductless range hoods are frequently mentioned as solutions. However, a third option, the convertible range hood, often doesn't get the attention it deserves.

Despite their effectiveness, convertible range hoods are seldom promoted by contractors, leaving many homeowners in the dark about this excellent option for enhancing kitchen ventilation. This lack of information is unfortunate, considering these hoods' considerable advantages for maintaining a clean and healthy cooking environment.

We've compiled a detailed guide on convertible range hoods to address this. Our guide aims to inform you about how these hoods work, their benefits, and why installing one could significantly improve the air quality in your kitchen.

Let's dive into the details.

What is a Convertible Range Hood?

Convertible range hoods work with or without duct systems. They are flexible and can switch from ducted to ductless mode. Like othermodern range hoods, they often have effective blowers and filtration units. These use powerful fans to extract polluted air and contaminants and expel them outside or clean them internally. They can function as ducted range hoods with external venting or ductless hoods with an air-recirculation system. This flexibility in installation and use is an additional benefit most modern homeowners find helpful.

How Do Convertible Range Hoods Work?

Rather than having only one way of kitchen ventilation, convertible range hoods combine the benefits of ducted hoods with those of ductless models. Powerful blowers draw vapor, smoke, grease particles, and other air contaminants into their vent hoods. They either expel them outside like ducted range hoods or clean the kitchen's air using mesh or charcoal filters, just as ductless range hoods work.

When you want to switch, reinstallation is unnecessary, as convertible hoods contain all the connectors and joints needed to connect to a duct system when used as a ducted range hood and the necessary filter part when working as a ductless hood.

A convertible range hood uses a recirculating or conversion kit as a ductless range hood. This recirculation kit contains a mesh or charcoal filter system and sometimes stainless steel baffle filters that can continuously clean polluted kitchen air.

Types of Convertible Range Hoods

Convertible hoods come in different forms, ratings, features, and mounting designs. Each offers external venting and a filter kit unit for recirculating venting. The major types include:

Under-Cabinet Convertible Range Hoods

These range hoods are installed under the cabinet space above the cooking surface. Often powered by multiple motors, their vent hood is optimally located to catch and extract all odors, fumes, and chemicals generated when cooking.

Like all convertible hoods, they have versatile venting features with an exhaust outlet for external ducts and a filter unit with aluminum mesh filters, activated charcoal, or stainless steel baffle filters.

Wall-Mounted Convertible Range Hoods

These powerful range hoods have high CFM (cubic feet per minute) ratings and are installed on the wall above the cooking surface. They have large vent hoods that provide optimal venting coverage. They contain venting options for ducted use via an opening on the exterior wall and a recirculation kit when functioning as ductless hoods.

Convertible Island Mount Range Hoods

These are high-performance range hoods typically installed from the ceiling directly above the stove or range. These island range hoods have duct outlets that remove heat, smoke particles, cooking exhaust, and other air pollutants through the ceiling. Island hoods also have recirculation kits with filters that trap grease and absorb cooking fumes and fans that recirculate air back into the kitchen.

Custom Range Hood Insert Convertible Hoods

A custom range hood inserts a convertible hood, which differs from most range hoods as they come in different parts compared to a complete range hood unit. It has a custom-made decorative vent hood, a range hood insert containing its blowers and exhaust fan, and a recirculating kit with its air filtering unit. This is the right range hood for homeowners who want a powerful range hood with a decorative touch.

Convertible Downdraft Hoods

A convertible downdraft range hood is a range hood that is integrated into the cooking surface or kitchen setup. It can work in ducted or ductless mode, pulling smoke, excess heat, and contaminants downward rather than upwards like other range hoods. They have direct venting that allows top or rear air removal via ducts and a filter unit for ductless hood work.

Benefits of Installing a Convertible Range Hood in Your Kitchen

Modern convertible range hoods include many features that make them worth considering. They are a little pricey, but the value they provide more than makes up for it. Here are some of the top benefits of getting a convertible hood in your kitchen:

Offers Kitchen Construction Flexibility

A convertible range hood offers excellent design flexibility when building or renovating a kitchen. You can move your cooking area from one section of your kitchen to another quickly and easily, and you can easily change the range hood placement to accommodate the new cooking area.

Cost-Effective Flexibility

Convertible range hoods offer a cost-effective solution for those who desire the benefits of both ducted and ductless models. Investing in a single convertible unit eliminates the need to purchase and install separate appliances.

Powerful Venting System

Power suction fans with adjustable speeds and efficient blower systems that can move large cubic feet of air, like in any ducted hood, are integrated into the framework of any convertible hood. This ensures that odors, smoke, grease, and moisture are completely removed from the kitchen. Also, they are energy-efficient when working as a recirculating or ducted unit that sends the air outside.

Adaptable Ventilation

Convertible range hoods offer easy conversion from one ducting system to another, depending on the design and demand of the kitchen. They are simple to install and very customizable to fit your present needs. For example, moving into a kitchen with no ductwork won't require getting a new range hood system.

Sleek Designs

Convertible range hoods typically feature stainless steel finishes that enhance their appearance and give them much-needed durability. These are modern models of range hoods that blend into the aesthetic flow of any kitchen in which they are installed. Their ultra-modern look makes your kitchen stand out from any angle. The goal is to look good while also performing well with a high level of ventilation.

Unmatched Power

When configured in ducted mode, convertible range hoods unleash their full potential. Their powerful motors and efficient ductwork effectively clear the kitchen air. This superior ventilation is ideal for cooks and those who frequently prepare dishes with strong odors or heavy smoke.

Increased Home Value

Convertible range hoods are considered desirable upgrades by many homebuyers due to their versatility, functionality, and sleek design. This can significantly increase the resale value of your property.

Final Thoughts

Convertible range hoods have duct joints or connections and a recirculating kit for their ductless system. This improved flexibility makes these range hood units among the best available, and it is worth looking into one when selecting your new kitchen range hood.