Why Are Custom Range Hoods So Popular?

June 06, 2023 4 min read

The design of custom range hoods has evolved to the point that they may either stand out as the chief attraction in a kitchen or blend in with other custom cabinetry. Homeowners opt for custom hoods with a sophisticated and aesthetic finish highlighting the kitchen or that blends with the cabinetry, countertop, and wall covering.

From trimmed corners to bell-shaped curves and snakelike liners, custom range hoods have taken kitchen design statements to a new level. Instead of settling for the dull shine of stainless steel range hoods or other standard range hoods, there has been a recent increase in the use of custom range hoods for many range hoods.

So, if you want to know why custom range hoods have suddenly become so popular, this article gives clear reasons for their recent rise.

Why Are Custom Range Hoods Popular?

There are several types of custom range hoods, and they virtually define any kitchen they are installed in. There are also several reasons for their recent rise in adoption, but below are some of the more notable ones.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the best things about custom vent hoods is that their elegant designs make the kitchen look better. The vent hoods of custom range hoods are often dramatic and eye-catching, with some spotting intricate designs and elaborate curves.

Their loud designs, which range from bell-shaped to straight farmhouse-style hoods, are beautiful and sure to impress guests or visitors instantly. Custom range hoods bring out the kitchen's aesthetic appeal by either being a focal point or augmenting other kitchen cabinetry.

Better customization options

Custom range hoods offer endless customization options, with the homeowners at liberty to design to their taste. Compared to standard range hoods that often sport metallic finishes, custom kitchen hoods can be styled to look modern, rustic, traditional, and so on; the design options are endless.

The customization feature also permits using several materials, from commonly used wood and cast to more complex molding materials like brass and bronze. Even homeowners can choose range hoods made from a combination of several materials.

Increased property value

Another potent factor fueling the rise of custom range hoods is the increased property value of homes with one. A custom decorative range hood is quite an expensive kitchen appliance, and that expense is often added to the home's general value. With the better insurance safety rating your home gets from having a range hood to improve kitchen air quality, its value would rise.

The aggregate value of a home is frequently the total of the type of appliance in it, and custom range hoods raise that value relatively high. Also, having one is a classy selling point for any realtor or a clear plus that any home evaluator would immediately point out.

Improves the cooking conditions

Range hoods aren't just flashy kitchen appliances; they also perform the crucial task of clearing the kitchen air of pollutants, smoke, and smog. Rather than being swamped by strong odors, carbon monoxide, and smoke when cooking, your custom range hoods vent them, providing pristine cooking conditions for those in the kitchen.

Additional features like LED lighting help provide better illumination over the cooking range. This makes the cooking area a well-lit spot, reducing the chances of accidents.

Easy cleaning

Custom range hoods have finishes regularly made with materials that are easy to clean. For example, wood with veneer finishes with a non-stick coating layer prevents dirt and soot from the cooking area from staining them.

Popular finishes like copper, wood, brass, or aluminum must often be wiped down instead of washed in depth to keep their excellent look. The ease of cleaning extends to the fans and motors, which are simple and do not need a particular cleaning solution.

Highlight the owner's unique taste

It is common to visit homes with custom stove hoods with a faux finish, high-pitched roofs, or simple, clean tapers on both sides. Homeowners can choose designs and styles that help set their preferred tone for the kitchen.

An eye-catching custom range hood is one of the design statements in the kitchen that frequently highlights the owner’s unique taste. Custom range hoods are commonly customized to add that wow factor to the kitchen.


Most custom range hoods are made with materials like polished brass and varnished wood, which are durable. They do not rust and are often corrosion-resistant, which makes them attractive for long-term installations.

The durability feature extends to the internal parts like the motors and fans. When well taken care of, these parts don't break down very often and can work well for an extended period with little fuss.

Additional range hood features

Custom range hoods offer many utilitarian features, making them much more desirable kitchen appliances. In addition to getting rid of dirty air, they are great at controlling the moisture and humidity in the kitchen. This helps prevent the growth of condensation-friendly bacteria and fungi in the kitchen.

Besides providing additional lighting over the cooking range, they also prevent the chronic activation of noisy smoke and fire alarms, which can be distracting when cooking.

Better use of kitchen space

The benefit of having your range hood custom-made is that you can calibrate its dimensions to fit your kitchen better. Its curves and contours can be aligned to match the flow of other cabinetry and give the kitchen a more symmetrical look.

It also permits the installation of your custom range hood over the tight, unused space above the cooking range that won’t fit other kitchen appliances or cabinetry. It is the perfect optimization appliance for those with limited space in the kitchen.

Simple design and installation

Custom range hoods may look elaborate but are often effortless to assemble and install. One or two professional installers can install their hoods, motors, and fan parts. Some even have most features pre-attached and require you just to mount them.


Custom range hoods provide improved air quality for those who enjoy cooking while adding a supreme touch and elegant style to the kitchen. They offer improved air circulation, adequate lighting, removal of excess heat and toxic chemicals, etc. Those practical benefits and the option to add your style to a usually bland kitchen appliance have fueled their rapid adoption. You can choose your range hood's material, design style, and dimensions, which is an excellent option for setting up your cooking space. Order your free samples package today or call us for a free consultation with an expert.