Why You Should Invest in a High-Quality Range Hood

September 29, 2023 2 min read

American homeowners are paying more attention to custom range hoods, looking to the essential appliance for reasons that range from logical to stylistic. Let’s dive in first with a look at the practical points:

The Practical Benefits of a Quality Range Hood

Many look to custom range hoods because they offer practical benefits. Here are a few to consider...

Improved Air Quality

A quality range hood will effectively remove smoke, grease, and odors from the kitchen. Those with a cheaper or older unit will often benefit from an upgrade to something more efficient and modern. A quality range hood improves airflow makes for a healthier living environment.

Noise Reduction

Older ventilation units often use antiquated technology. Today’s quality range hoods tend to be more powerful but also quieter. For those with older units, an upgrade to a range hood with better performance can make the kitchen environment more pleasant.

Energy Efficiency

Today’s custom range hoods are more energy efficient. Fans that normally require great amounts of electricity are generally more costly than modern units that operate at lower power levels. Also, LED lighting is featured in most modern range hoods, making them more energy efficient.

Custom Range Hoods & Kitchen Design

Custom range hoods are valued for their practical benefits, but they are increasingly popular for another, more important feature—their role in elevating kitchen design. They help make a kitchen more stylish and personalized. Here are some of the design-based advantages of a quality custom hood.

Custom Fit and Integration

Custom hoods are tailored to fit any kitchen layout perfectly and ensure seamless integration. Whether you have a low or high ceiling or how your cabinets are configured, a custom range hood can be crafted to make the most design sense.

Showcase Piece

Custom range hoods come in many different styles and colors, often becoming the kitchen star. A professionally fabricated range hood draws the eye towards it, creating a meaningful focal point in the kitchen.  

Personal Style Expression

It’s probably the biggest reason: The ability to customize materials, finishes, and styles allows for personal expression and a unique kitchen aesthetic. Kitchen designers and homeowners alike love custom range hoods because of their stylistic flexibility.

Increased Home Value

A well-designed, high-quality custom range hood can boost your home’s appeal and overall value. When a kitchen looks perfect, people automatically assume the house is expensive. While this consideration should not be the sole driver for the decision to build your custom hood, it figures into the calculations of many homeowners who do!  

If you’re in the market for a custom range hood and don’t know where to begin, check our catalog or contact us with questions.