Designer Range Hoods: Making a Statement

October 12, 2023 6 min read

If you're designing or undergoing a kitchen remodel, you've likely already discovered the world of designer range hoods.

A designer range hood is a high-end kitchen ventilation unit that combines elegant aesthetics and advanced functionality. These hoods focus on performance and style, incorporating unique design elements and innovative features such as efficient smoke and odor removal, noise reduction, and integrated lighting.

ModernCopper offers a variety of unique designs, materials, and finishes, making the design range hood the must-have appliance of today. Our designer range hoods serve as a focal point in the kitchen, and our customization options make the design and build process fun. Designer range hoods are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners, yet many still don’t know enough about them.

This article will explore the world of designer range hoods, covering the basics and highlighting the features that make these appliances a must-have for today’s modern kitchen.

Designer Range Hoods: All Shapes and Sizes

Designer range hoods are a cut above ordinary range hoods. They are at a higher standard, crafted with an emphasis on aesthetics and design, aiming to elevate a kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Visually more appealing than their standard counterparts, designer hoods come in various designs, materials, and finishes. ModernCopper’s designer hood line is custom-made with high-quality materials and coated with top-of-the-line finishes.

The design elements of designer range hoods are as varied. Models can be flat, angled, or rounded. Several different finishes are available, including powder coating, and we offer a wide variety of decorative trim, such as crowns, aprons, straps, and rivets. Designer range hoods are made for customization, and the opportunity to embellish the appliance is one of its hallmarks.

Designer Range Hood Installation Types

If you are looking at a designer hood, one of the first things you will want to determine is the installation type you will need. Designer range hoods can hang from a wall or ceiling or be built into a cabinet. These are the main types:

Wall-Mount Range Hoods

Wall-mount range hoods are the most common type of designer range hoods. They are mounted directly onto the wall and placed just above the cooktop. Designer range hoods of this type will typically be vented through the wall behind the appliance or vent up through the ceiling.

Island Range Hoods

Island range hoods are designed to be mounted above a cooktop located on a kitchen island. These kinds of designer range hoods connect to the ceiling and are often centerpieces meant to serve as a central focal point in the kitchen.  

Under-Cabinet Range Hoods

Under-cabinet range hoods are usually mounted within a cabinet just above the cooktop. These designer range hoods tend to be used by homeowners who prefer something functional yet discreet.

Decorative Elements in Designer Range Hoods

Designer range hoods can incorporate various decorative elements, including: 

Straps and Rivets

Designer range hoods often include straps and rivets. Straps are made of sheet metal. Rivets and rivet-like buttons to be carved from larger blocks of metal. Straps and rivets can be functional or purely decorative.


Patterns add a unique visual element to designer range hoods. Patterns can include geometric shapes, floral designs, and abstract motifs. They are often embossed or etched onto the metal surface of the hood.


Textures can add depth and dimension to designer range hoods. Texture can be created using various techniques, such as hammering, etching, or embossing, or the texture can come from a specialty powder coating process. In any case, texture can add a decorative element to achieve a unique look.


Lighting is used in designer range hoods to highlight the design elements. Lighting is typically placed under the designer range hood, but it can also be an element added to the front part. 


Cutouts are intricate designs that are usually cut into a designer range hood with the help of a laser. Cutouts can help create interesting shapes and patterns in the designer range hood, adding a touch of elegance to the appliance.


Mosaics are another way to add a creative design touch. Mosaics can be made from various materials, such as glass, tile, or stone, and they can be customized to any designer range hood.

Wood Hoods

Wood carvings are a way to add an exciting look to a designer range hood. Carvings can be done from any number of wood species.

    Designer Range Hoods Shapes 

    Designer range hoods are available in various shapes, as well:

    Chimney Hoods

    Chimney hoods are an excellent choice for those looking for a designer range hood. These types of hoods complement traditional or transitional kitchen designs. These range hoods are characterized by their vertical structure, which resembles a chimney.

      Flat Hoods

      Flat hoods are a sleek and modern box-shaped option. These designer range hoods have no distinct curves or angles. These hoods are a perfect match for homes with limited kitchen space, or the shape can be used to make a bold statement in grander kitchens.

        Curved Hoods

        Curved hoods offer a unique and stylish option for homeowners. Featuring a gently curved design, they add a striking touch of elegance to any kitchen. Not all metal fabricators can do a curved hood, but we at ModernCopper specialize in this sort of design.

          Tapered Hoods

          Tapered hoods have a broader base that tapers or narrows towards the top, creating a visually appealing layout. The tapered shape of this designer range hood provides a stylish look at the same time it helps to improve airflow.


            Barrel-Shaped Hoods

            Designer range hoods can sometimes be barrel-shaped. A barrel-shaped hood is curved, resembling the shape of a barrel or a half-cylinder. This design choice is considered aesthetically pleasing, adding a unique architectural element to the kitchen. For an example of a nice barrel-shaped hood, check our Archer model. 

              Pyramid-Shaped Hoods

              Pyramid-shaped hoods are an innovative and elegant option for incorporating a designer range hood into your kitchen. Their design, featuring sides that slope upwards and converge at a peak, brings a dramatic, attention-grabbing aesthetic. This designer range hood fits seamlessly into contemporary kitchen designs, elevating the space’s distinctive shape.

                Angled-Shaped Hoods

                Angled-shaped hoods offer a sleek and modern approach to designer range hoods, marked by their sharply sloping design. This style adds a cutting-edge visual appeal to the kitchen and increases the hood's effectiveness in capturing cooking smoke and odors. As a practical yet stylish choice, an angled-shaped designer range hood is ideal for high-activity kitchens, blending functionality with modern design flair.

                Designer Range Hood Finishes

                Designer range hood finishes are available in many different finishes.

                Chrome Stainless Steel Finish

                Chrome stainless steel is a classic and popular choice for designer range hoods. It is durable, easy to clean, and complements various kitchen styles.

                Black Finish

                Black finish is a modern and alternative to traditional stainless steel. Black range hoods are functional, because the hide blemishes. At the same time it is stylish and always in fashion. 

                Copper Finish

                Copper finish is a unique and elegant choice for a designer range hood. It has a warm, rich tone that can add a touch of luxury to the kitchen.

                Brushed Stainless Steel Finish

                Brushed stainless steel finish provides a unique texture and appearance. It is resistant to scratches and fingerprints and gives a subtle sheen to your kitchen.

                Glass Finish

                Glass finish is a versatile and modern option for a designer range hood. It can be clear or tinted, adding a sleek and minimalist touch to the kitchen.

                Wooden Finish

                Wooden finish is a natural and warm option for a designer range hood. It can add a rustic or traditional touch to the kitchen and is often used in farmhouse or cottage-style kitchens.

                Matte Finish

                Matte finish provides a non-reflective surface that can add depth and texture to your kitchen. It is easy to maintain and hides fingerprints, smudges, and other marks quite well.

                Painted Finish

                Painted range hood finish is available in various colors and can add a pop of color to your kitchen. It is easy to customize to your kitchen décor and can be used to match other kitchen appliances.

                  Final Thoughts

                  Designer range hoods offer a unique opportunity to express your creativity and elevate your kitchen. With the right design elements, a designer range hood can genuinely transform the look and feel of your kitchen. We hope this article has been helpful and we invite you to reach out for complementary design assistance.