Range Hood Colors for Texas Homes

October 11, 2023 6 min read

When designing a kitchen in Texas, every detail counts, including the color of your range hood. Color may seem like a minor decision, but in reality, it can make or break the entire aesthetic of your kitchen.

To make the right choice when selecting a range hood in Texas, it's essential to consider the color and finish carefully. Do you prefer a sleek and modern look with a black or stainless steel range hood? Or is a pop of color more your style?

ModernCopper offers customizable range hoods, so the possibilities are endless, but do not think the many options are overwhelming. This article will help guide you through some of the considerations for colors that work best for Texas homes.

Colors for Texas Homes


In some parts of the country, there is a tendency to go “bold and loud.” The aesthetic in a place like Manhattan, or Miami, will not be the same as what you might find in places like Houston or San Antonio.

We know you want to make a statement and your kitchen to look unique, but simultaneously, you want it to say: Texas.

Let's explore the traditional range hood colors for Texas homes:

Stainless Steel Range Hoods: A Sleek and Modern Look

Stainless steel range hoods are a great option if your Texas kitchen is equipped with stainless steel appliances, as many are. Stainless steel hoods are a sleek and ultra-modern option that can add to the professional look of your kitchen.

Stainless steel is a neutral material that matches just about any kitchen décor, making it a versatile option.

White Range Hoods: Clean and Timeless 

White range hoods may seem plain, but don't let their simplicity fool you. White is a classic, versatile color option that can complement any Texas kitchen. A white range hood can effortlessly blend in with your Texan decor, providing a clean and timeless look. White is bright, and it can lend a spacious feel to the design space.

Black Range Hoods: Dramatic and Sophisticated

Black range hoods may seem a “chic” option more suitable for the big city, but they are an excellent match for Texas homes. Black is a classic color. It goes with almost everything and draws attention in its unique way. A dramatic, black range hood from ModernCopper can provide a great focal point in the kitchen. It can be used to match other black appliances or set up as a contrast against lighter-colored cabinets and walls.

Black range hoods aren't just about an aesthetic choice—they are practical. Dark colors like black can hide dirt, grease, and other stains that may accumulate over time, making it an excellent choice for busy homes. 

Bright Colors for Texas Homes

Bold and vibrant range hood colors are a fantastic way to inject exciting visual elements into the kitchen space. They are stylish colors that can complement your overall Texan home design choice. We will explore three popular bold range hood options: red, blue, and green.

Red Range Hoods: Adding a Pop of Color and Energy

Red range hoods can look traditional in a unique way. Because so few use red in the kitchen, they can also appear current. Texas homeowners who opt for red are usually different and don’t mind a bit of flair. The rest of the kitchen can have red accents or a few other red accents. In any case, a red range hood can provide a stunning focal point, adding both color and energy. Some people associate red with restaurants, which is a helpful design echo, and some associate red with a sense of passion. No matter your reason for selecting red, it can be a visual surprise—and a great conversation starter.

Blue Range Hoods: Cool and Calming

Blue is a versatile color that is increasingly popular in Texas homes. Some designers say they prefer blue for the kitchen because it creates peace and tranquility. You can choose from one of several shades when selecting a blue range hood. ModernCopper has many swatches from which you can choose, though our catalog currently profiles just a few. Don’t think for a moment that blue suggests “coastal” by any means. Just as the Texas sky is blue, you can feel assured that blue belongs in your own Texan home.

Green Range Hoods: Hint of the Environmental

Green is a rare color for the kitchen, but it sometimes appears in the Texas home. One of the reasons for selecting green is its connection to nature and the outdoors.  Green is seen as a friendly color, and in Texas, where the climate is warm, green range hoods can add a natural touch. Green is also evocative of conservation; everyone wants sustainable, long-lasting materials. A green range hood can be beautiful and infuse your kitchen with a sense of revitalization and rejuvenation.

Transitional Materials, Classic Finishes

While classic colors such as white and stainless steel remain popular and bold hues like red and blue are gaining momentum, transitional range hood hues offer an opportunity to showcase your personality and style in the kitchen. Here are three popular colors that are preferred by many ModernCopper customers.

Copper Range Hoods: Rustic Charm

Copper range hoods exude a warm charm that is somewhere between modern and traditional. With rich reddish-brown hues, a copper range hood can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your Texan home. A copper finish is particularly well-suited for kitchens with earthy tones and natural materials like wood or stone.

Copper range hoods can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your Texas kitchen. The finish has a rich, warmness, which is why it is a perennial favorite of homeowners and kitchen designers alike.

Brass Range Hoods: Vintage Elegance

Brass finish is another popular favorite at ModernCopper, and the color has been used in kitchen design for decades. A brass finish offers timeless, classic appeal. Brass's warm golden color adds a touch of luxury to any kitchen and creates a beautiful contrast against light-colored cabinets or countertops. If you're a Texas homeowner or a Texan interior designer looking for an elegant color option, consider brass range hoods as a great choice.

Color Matching

ModernCopper carries all of the colors mentioned above, but we also offer every other color in between. We have hundreds of colors and can customize a range hood according to taste. Custom range hoods are increasingly looked at as a way of expressing design aesthetics in the home. Our mission is to personalize your journey by offering unique designs, patterns, and colors.

Other Considerations

  • Integration with Architectural Elements: Beyond kitchen style, consider how the range hood color integrates with the broader architectural elements of your Texas home. This includes ceiling heights, open-plan aspects, and the relationship between the kitchen and adjacent living areas. A well-chosen range hood color can enhance the flow and cohesion between spaces.
  • Impact on Resale Value: While personal preferences are necessary, it's also worth considering the potential impact of your range hood color choice on the resale value of your home. Neutral colors appeal to a broader audience, while unique colors attract specific buyers.
  • Maintenance and Longevity: Different colors and finishes can vary significantly regarding maintenance needs and durability. Lighter colors may require more frequent cleaning to keep them pristine, while darker hues might better conceal wear and tear. Additionally, the finish (matte, gloss, brushed) can affect the range hood's appearance and upkeep.
  • Trend vs. Timelessness: Trends in kitchen design can be tempting to follow, but they change over time. Consider whether you prefer a range hood color that is trendy and current or one that has maintained its appeal over the years. A timeless choice could serve you well in the long run, offering flexibility as your taste and trends evolve.
  • Lighting Considerations: Expanding on the point about lighting, consider how the range hood color works with the kitchen's natural light throughout the day and into the evening. The color can look different in the morning light versus artificial light at night. Also, consider the kitchen's orientation (north, south, east, west) and how seasonal changes in Texas affect the ambiance and color perception.
  • Material and Finish Compatibility: Some materials and finishes complement specific colors better than others. Some materials suggest a modern look while others evoke a timeless sensibility.
  • Energy and Mood Creation: Colors can significantly impact the mood and energy of a space. Consider the atmosphere you wish to create in your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right range hood color can enhance your kitchen's overall look and feel while providing functional benefits. Consider your options carefully, take the time to weigh the pros and cons of each, and feel free to reach out if you a consultation with one of our design consultants. No matter what you’re looking for, we are with you every step of the way.