The Kitchen is the Most Important Part of the House

November 14, 2023 3 min read

Kitchens were once a place for meal preparation only. The kitchen was secluded from the rest of the house to keep the heat, noise, and smells away.

Today, of course, the kitchen has transformed into something else, and it is now an integrated, multifunctional space.

The kitchen is not only where food is prepared, but it is now also a place where meals are enjoyed!

Many say the kitchen is the most important room in the house, and it is easy to understand why. The kitchen is the social center of the home. It is the most likely spot in your house where people gather.  

Kitchen layouts have changed over the years to accommodate the societal shift. They are now larger and built for maximum comfort. Kitchens almost had to expand because homeowners are jamming more into them!

The Kitchen Table

One significant change in kitchen design has been the introduction of the kitchen table as a central feature.

Historically, the kitchen table was where meals were prepared, but it was not a focal point for family interaction. When many people sat down to eat, they often did so in the dining room. Today, many families rarely use their dining rooms. Instead, they find sharing meals in the kitchen more convenient—and fun.  

The kitchen table has expanded beyond meal use. In many families, adults sit at the kitchen table to have coffee and scroll on their iPad or iPhone. Children will often do their homework at the kitchen table.

As a result of this shift in importance, the size of kitchen tables has also grown over the years. Many homes now have kitchen tables large enough to seat eight.

The Kitchen Island

The introduction of the kitchen island has further transformed the kitchen into a social hub. Initially designed for additional counter space, islands have become pivotal in modern kitchens. Due to their versatility and central location, they often feature barstool seating. This arrangement invites casual dining and conversation.

The kitchen island’s new role in the home underscores the kitchen's evolution from a purely functional space to the epicenter of social life in the home.


More Cooking

The kitchen's transformation into a central gathering place for families has significantly impacted cooking habits. As families spend more time in the kitchen, there has been a noticeable shift towards more time dedicated to cooking.

Americans are increasingly interested in preparing intricate meals. This trend is also partly driven by the desire for healthier eating habits, as cooking at home allows for more control over nutrition.

The increased interest in cooking has led to an accompanying interest in other kitchen-centric home improvements. Homeowners are investing in high-quality appliances, larger workspaces, and efficient storage solutions to make meal preparation more convenient.

With time spent in this space, the kitchen has become a showcase for personal style. It is common these days to see kitchens equipped with professional-grade ovens and even luxury range hoods.

Custom Range Hoods in Design

Custom range hoods are growing in popularity because they create a helpful focal point that compliments a kitchen’s design theme. These appliances can be customized to accommodate high ceilings, which is helpful because while the have grown bigger, kitchens have also become taller in recent years.

Homeowners are gravitating to custom range hoods also because they allow for creativity. Unlike countertops, which are always flat, the range hood can come in different shapes. And with a company like ModernCopper, you can also create a finish in any number of colors.

Whether opting for classic white range hoods that evoke a sense of purity and simplicity, bold black range hoods that add a touch of sophistication, or something in between, you’re likely to find something you and your family will love.

A quality custom range hood will invariably contribute to your kitchen's ambiance, making a statement that draws the eye and anchors the space.

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